One of our school values is GENEROSITY. We look for signs of giving freely, caring deeply, wanting to help, taking an interest in others, being of service and treating others gently.

There is no greater example of generosity in our community than the creative work of Simone Paz, mother of Alex, Sophie and Ryan. Since 2014, Simone has been writing, illustrating and publishing books to bring the joy of reading to young children whilst helping the less fortunate. Her business, goodnight-sleep-tight books, is a 100% non-profit business aimed at selling children's books and e-books and donating all profits to various charitable causes. Check out what Simone says about the Joy of Giving.

Simone's books are written in verse and all convey a valuable lesson to learn. The illustrations are vivid and created by Simone using her computer while her descriptive use of language challenges little minds to expand their vocabulary.