Year 2

Year 2

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Year Two at Orana. We are looking forward to a wonderful year working with your child and yourselves. We hope this information helps you with your child's education.


In order for our first day to run smoothly, we would appreciate that you bring:


Parents/Carers play an essential role in student learning. Parents/Carers are a child's first and life-long educators and provide the class teacher with precious insights into their children's lives which,in turn, enable teachers to cater for individual needs. You also provide valuable assistance at home with the learning process. Students who see parents/carers and teachers working together generally feel safer at school and value education. We encourage parents/carers to assist with homework and ensure it is completed. 


Please remember that these times are an approximation only. Some students will work faster or slower and adjustments may be needed to see them succeed. If you have concerns regarding your child's homework, please feel free to contact us.

Home Reading: 10 to 15 minutes reading aloud to an adult each night and signed in "My Home Reading Book."

Mylexia: In 2017 our class will be using an amazing Mylexia program.  It is a learning tool that provides motivating, relevant and progressive tasks that enable all students to achieve success no matter their ability level.

Your child should aim to complete some Mylexia activities based on skills being taught in class each week; approximately 30 minutes per week.

Spelling: Your child will receive a spelling list each week based on a phonics program to learn.

Printing: Whilst practising words at home, your child needs to be writing neatly.


Orana has a Restorative Practices approach in place to help students and teachers deal with conflict. The program fosters relationship building, responsibility for their own behaviour, empathy, and focuses on fixing the harm done rather than punishing.


Please be aware that Orana has an 'allergy aware' policy. We have students with allergies in our classrooms and ask that you assist us by respecting this policy.


A child's birthday is a very exciting time and we know that many students like to bring in a special treat for their fellow classmates to celebrate. If you wish to send a treat to school please remember the 'allergy aware' policy when you make your selection. Lolly bags or cupcakes are great options. It would also be appreciated if the ingredients list of any store-bought cupcakes or treats is brought to school so we can can ensure the safety of those children who have allergies.


If your child is, or children are going to be absent from school on any given day please email  or use the link on the school website or the app  before 9.15am on the morning of the absence.


Throughout the year teachers are consistently evaluating and monitoring the students skills and development in academic and social areas. This is done through observation, anecdotal records, tests, checklists and work samples. Comprehensive literacy tests are undertaken during 1st and 2nd semesters. From these results, those who need consolidation of skills will participate in small group work with the school Literacy Support Teacher or Class Teacher.

One formal parent interview will be conducted at the end of Term One. Interviews may also take place when the Teacher or Parent requires discussion.

Term 1: Formal Parent Interviews

Term 2: Semester 1 Report

Term 3: Open Night

Term 4: Semester 2 Report


Please feel free to contact us at any time. We can be reached by phone through the main office. If you would like to talk in person, we can schedule appointments before and after school. You are welcome to contact us via email, however, any urgent messages will need to be directed through the school office.

Our eMail Addresses:

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We look forward to a happy year ahead.

Mrs Lynley Bowran, Mrs Sue Tormay & Mrs Monica De Boni

Year 2 Teachers