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Within this vibrant learning culture, the days are filled with exciting opportunities to explore learning and discover new ways of thinking. Our School Wide Pedagogy operates from our shared beliefs about teaching and learning. Each day students are challenged to make meaningful connections and to become engaged with their learning.

Great Teamwork

Great Teamwork

How cool! Today, the Year 5 classes handed over 2 large boxes of footy boots, jumpers and shorts to Kicks4Kidz which is an organisation that helps underprivileged children in our north-west. We are so appreciative of the support of our families and also the Willetton Junior Football club for donating 70 Auskick jumpers. GENEROSITY in action. Well done everyone!

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Orana is our school - we love generosity
We get on like one big family.
Our school has a name from the Kimberleys
Our first boss worked with the Aborigines.
Orana means welcome, we embrace diversity
We love those who come internationally.
Don't matter what ya colour - live in harmony
Join 'Hands Across Australia' is our plea.
We all need to act with humanity
Treat everyone respectfully.
Excellence is a great quality
Work hard and reward comes eventually.
'Generation One' put an end to disparity
Let's be the DO'ERS - it's up to you and me.